Judge Gerard Alonge, the Inept Romeo of the Pennsylvania Courts



​Judge Gerard Alonge of northwest Pennsylvania has no skill with the ladies. He’s never been married and he hasn’t dated in years. And once you finish reading this story, you’ll surely understand why he may soon lose his job for sucking at the lovelorn arts…

The lonely judge just can’t seem to find himself a woman. So the 51-year-old has taken to hitting on the female lawyers who appear in his court.

It wouldn’t be so bad if his overtures were polite, subtle, and targeted at women his own age. But like moronic men everywhere, his delusions include the fantasy that much younger women will find him dashing — despite all evidence to the contrary. 

He’s now before a discipline panel after six women — including five lawyers — complained about his ham-fisted overtures. According to the women, who are in their 20s and 30s, he’s shown up at their homes and offices, and even tried to hit on a 17-year-old who appeared in his court on an underage drinking charge.

Public defender Julia Bagnoni says Alonge showed up at her house one night and only left after she told him 20 some times that he had to leave. Prosecutor Erin Connelly says that that the judge repeatedly invited her to lunch against her wishes. And Hallie DeMarco, the now 21-year-old charged with underaged drinking, says the judge offered her a job and showed up twice at the club where she worked.

Alonge’s lawyer, Philip Friedman, has tried to paint his client as an annoying yet harmless pursuer of ladies. He’s never done anything sexual, Friedman says, and he’s always polite. In other words, he’s something of a gentleman stalker.

“He’s socially inept and challenged with women, yeah,” Friedman told the Associated Press. “He’s not the only one
out there; he just happens to be a judge.”

The disciplinary case has yet to conclude, and possible punishment ranges from a slap on the hand to getting booted off the job. But since lawyers rarely sanction their own, expect him to receive a blow-up doll and a year’s subscription to Match.com.

Either way, he still plans to run for reelection next year.

So what do you think, fair maidens of True Crime Report? Is this guy creepy enough to knock off the bench? Or is he a harmless mope who’s easily swatted away like so many flies?