Kim Komenich, San Jose State Professor, Halts Bank Robbery with a Hug



​Kim Komenich, a journalism professor at San Jose State, was at a Wells Fargo bank when he noticed the customer ahead of him hand a teller a note. A quick glance at the missive revealed something about a gun…

Kim Komenich was standing in line when he saw a customer hand the teller a note saying something about a gun…

​Then he heard Victor Fernandes tell the teller to “Give me your money.” So Komenich, who weighs in at a manly 260 pounds, decided to thwart the robbery in the most peaceable way — by giving the bad guy a hug.

Okay, so it was a bear hug. But let’s not quibble here, people. That still constitutes a hug.

Komenich lifted the robber off the ground to let him know he was in charge. Then he held him for five minutes until police arrived.

…So he picked the bad guy up in a bear hug and held him until police arrived.

​The professor admits Fernandes wasn’t the most skilled bandit. He’d arrived at the bank with two friends, Johnnie Dale Gray and Tamara Leeann Rennert, who took a chair while they waited for their pal to rob the bank. But Gray and Rennert were so moronic they never bothered to intervene on Fernandes’ behalf — or flee — before police arrived. They also forgot to bring their gun, which is commonly thought to be an essential tool in the armed robbery industry.

Though today he’s a mild-mannered professor/hero, Komenich doesn’t originally hail from dainty campus environs. He’s a former Pulitzer Prize winning photographer from San Francisco, having covered stories in Vietnam, the Soviet Union, El Salvador, Iraq and Guyana.

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