Lisa Leigh Allen Pleads to Trying to Poison Husband, a Deputy, to Death



​Lisa Leigh Allen wanted to a divorce. She just hadn’t told her husband yet. That’s because she apparently thought it would be easier — and far less expensive — to simply poison Jefferson County, Colorado sheriff’s deputy Jonathan Allen. So that’s what she did…

In the summer of 2008, she served Jonathan a delightful supper of spaghetti and salad. But he almost immediately began feeling stomach cramps and his heart started to race. He went to the hospital, where they discovered that he’d ingested foxglove, as decorative plant that also happens to be way toxic.

Police believe Mrs. Allen spiked the salad with the plant, so she was charged with attempted murder, domestic violence, and assault with a deadly weapon. If convicted, she could have gotten nearly 50 years in the slam.

Only weeks after her arrest, she filed for divorce from Jonathan, apparently assuming that a second chance at poisoning wouldn’t show up any time soon.

But two years later, it looks like she’ll get off relatively easy. She’s pleaded guilty to assault, though she still hasn’t admitted to the poisoning. Our only guess is that prosecutors weren’t certain of their case, so they had to take what they could get.

She’s scheduled to be sentenced next month. Her divorce, by the way, still isn’t settled.

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