Anna Malova, Ex-Miss Russia, Caught Scoring Forged Pain Killers in NYC



​In 1998, Anna Malova was the toast of Russia. She hadn’t just been crowned Miss Russia, or reached the finals of the Miss Universe contest, but she was also a doctor who combined beauty and brains. It’s not that way anymore…

Anna Malova was a doctor in Russia. But she must be watching too much American TV, because her IQ has plummeted since she moved to New York.

​She’s since moved to New York City, where she’s not licensed to practice medicine. But that didn’t stop her three months ago, when she was busted for petty larceny. It seems our Russian beauty decided to steal a doctor’s prescription pad, then write herself bogus prescriptions for pain killers.

It also seems we might have to retract that whole brains things. She was nabbed yesterday walking out of a Greenwich Village pharmacy, accused of committing the exact crime she was caught for three months ago — forging pain killer prescriptions.

This time she’s been charged with criminal possession of narcotics, forgery and criminal impersonation of a
physician. Here’s hoping the 38-year-old Malova still has what it takes to be crowned Miss Rikers Island.

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