Anthony Kyser Choked to Death After Being Caught Stealing Toothpaste from Pharmacy



​Here’s an interesting moral dilemma, given our discussion last week about intervening in crimes: Anthony Kyser, an unemployed barber, was apparently worried about his dental hygiene, so he swiped some tubes of toothpaste from a pharmacy in Chicago…

A store manager at the CVS saw him and chased him out of the store. The employee caught up with Kyser in an alley and placed the thief in a choke hold. Three other men helped restrain the barber. Witnesses also say an off-duty Chicago officer was briefly on the scene. But after seeing that the manager had everything
under control, she took off.

But either the manager was amped up on adrenaline, or he was just tired of people stealing shit from his store. He left Kyser in the choke hold a bit too long. 45-minutes after he was taken to a hospital, Kyser was pronounced dead.

This being Chicago, a masculine Rust Belt town, there’s no way the police are going to charge the manager with killing a thief. They have ruled the death accidental.

His family, needless to say, is just a little pissed. “Why would you kill someone over toothpaste?” Kyser’s ex-wife Ann
Balboa told the Chicago Sun-Times. “Why would you even chase them, and how is this not murder — it
doesn’t make sense.”

Kyster had previous convictions for drugs and burglary. The family is now planning to sue.

So we ask you, dear reader, was this a justified homicide, simply a terrible accident involving good people who went a bit too far? Or should the manager be hit with manslaughter charges for killing a guy over a couple worthless tubes of toothpaste?

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