Denny Phillips Had His Balls Shot Off (Literally), Says Retired Tulsa Cop



​Reader Mark Warrick responds to Denny Phillips, Cagefighter Suspect in Brooke Phillips Case, Shot By Police. The retired Tulsa cops said officers purposely fire low to avoid hurting anyone else, and blew off his balls and part of his penis…

“Just to clear up a few things that are reported incorrectly. First of all Phillips was shot by two Tulsa Police Detectives, no SWAT team was involved.

“The reason the shots were low was due to the fact Phillips was standing in front of a large window. The two detectives shot low to prevent any possible injury to innocent citizens.

“Actually the low shots were pretty effective, half of Phillips penis was removed along with both testicles. I am a retired 30 year member of TPD. I am proud to say the guys involved did a wonderful job getting this evil person off the streets.”