Gary Bond Charged with Murder for Strangling Girlfriend Julie Hendricks During Sex



​Here’s a good reason to stick to the shallow end of the sexual adventure pool, if only to save yourself from a murder rap. Gary Steven Bond, 58, and his sweetheart, Julie Hendricks, were getting their romp on at his Louisville apartment…

Gary Bond wrapped a garment around his girlfriend’s neck to heighten the sensation — and ended up strangling her

​That’s when Bond decided to hike the erotica by wrapping one of her garments around her neck to heighten the sensation. We assume this was consensual, since no reports say otherwise. What we are certain of is that Bond took it way too far.

Hendricks soon passed out after he restricted her breathing for about 10 minutes. And since he wasn’t fulfilled by this point, he decided to sodomize her.

But at about 2 a.m., he decided to call an ambulance when Hendricks was no longer breathing. She was pronounced strangled to death minutes later.

That’s left Bond with a murder beef on his hands. He’s also charged with sodomy, since Hendricks was unconscious at the time and couldn’t provide consent.

Though police say Bond has been forthcoming in interviews, he’s not likely to get any mercy points. A year ago he was charged with stabbing two men during a fight. Even though he stabbed one in the face and another in the chest, he pleaded to a lesser charge and didn’t serve any time.

We’re guessing a pervert strangulation case won’t play as well with a Southern jury this time around.

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