Jarrod Wyatt Rips Out Friend Taylor Powell’s Heart While He Was Still Alive



​Justin Davis noticed his friend Jarrod Wyatt acting strangely earlier in the day after drinking some wild mushroom tea. Davis left the Requa, California home, then returned early in the morning to pick up his dog. He instead found a grisly sight…

Wyatt, described as a 26-year-old cage fighter, was standing in the living room naked and bloodied with the brutalized body of his friend, Taylor Powell. Wyatt told Davis he was going to cut out Powell’s heart.

Davis left to find a pay phone and call police. When deputies arrived, they found Wyatt on the couch with Powell’s body. Most of his face had been removed. An eyeball was laying in the middle of the living room. There was a large cut in his chest, which Wyatt used to remove some of Powell’s organs, including his heart. He told deputies that he had thrown the heart into a fire.

A coroner’s report later revealed that Wyatt had ripped out Powell’s heart while he was still alive, causing him to bleed to death. He’d also been brutally beaten. Indentations in the wall showed that Powell had his head repeatedly rammed into the wall.

Detectives found wild mushrooms in the kitchen, but there’s been no indication if they played a role in Wyatt’s behavior. As he was carted off to jail, Wyatt repeatedly told police that he’d killed Powell.

He’s been charged with first-degree murder. (Special thanks to readers My and x3 for the tip.)

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