Josh Powell, Chief Suspect in Wife Susan Powell’s Murder, Still Pretending She’s Alive



​You may recall our previous stories about Susan Powell, the suburban Salt Lake City stockbroker and mom who mysteriously disappeared last December. She’s widely believed to have been killed by her husband, Josh Powell…

Susan Powell was last seen in December. Her husband is the chief suspect in her disappearance.

​He went on an equally mysterious camping trip at midnight in freezing temperatures not long after Susan was last seen. Then, in the aftermath of her disappearance, he showed only passing interest in joining the search to find her.

He also lawyered up and refused to be fully interviewed by police. And just to seal his douchery, he up and moved to Washington state, taking the couple’s two young sons with him.

There’s been no sign of Susan since. Police believe her body was dumped somewhere in the Utah wilderness during Josh’s camping trip, but they have yet to find her — or enough evidence to arrest Josh in the disappearance.

Meanwhile, Josh is still pretending he’s an innocent husband whose wife willingly abandoned the family. And that’s pissing off Susan’s family, since he’s very likely the degenerate prick who killed her.

Josh Powell is still behaving as if his wife is alive — even though he likely killed her

​At his website, he issued a Mother’s Day note to his wife, implying that she’s still alive and left on her own volition. Reads the note:

Happy Mother’s Day Susan. You are the beloved mother of two
beautiful boys, who
remember you and miss you. We all hope you will come home soon.

The boys love plants and gardening just like you so they planted
flowers for your
honor on Mother’s Day. Everyone in the household participated in
various ways to
make the day special. They enjoyed a special dinner and a cake.
They also looked
at family photos like they do almost every day.

We hope you like the pictures, and are thinking about us as much as we
are thinking
about you.

Can you say “Huge piece of shit,” boys and girls?

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