Kristi Cornwell Kidnapping Suspect Identified; Only Problem is He’s Dead



​Last August, Kristi Cornwell was taking a stroll near her Blairsville, Georgia home. She was talking on her cell to her boyfriend, Douglas Davis, when she told him a car had stopped nearby. He then heard screaming as she yelled, “Don’t take me…”

James Carringer was wanted for raping a college student and trying to kidnap a little girl during a church Easter egg hunt

​She hasn’t been seen since.

Police would later find her phone and some personal items three miles away from the abduction site. Her parents even sold a family vacation home to fund private searches, going so far as to build a helipad to allow helicopters to search the heavily wooded area.

There’s been much speculation since that time about mysterious cars and men. But nothing’s panned out.

Now police say they have a suspect. He’s 42-year-old James Carringer, who used to live in Young Harris, Georgia. There’s just one problem. He’s dead.

Carringer was wanted for the kidnapping and rape of a 19-year-old student at Kennesaw State
University. Police also believe he tried to kidnap a 10-year-old girl in Alabama during a church Easter egg hunt. But when the cops finally found him in Atlanta, he held them at bay during a three-hour stand-off before killing himself. And that turned the hunt for Kristi’s presumed killer cold once more.

Detectives aren’t releasing all their information tying Carringer to Kristi. But he did drive a Nissan Xterra, a car believed to be used in Kristi’s kidnapping. He also lived just 8 miles away from Blairsville during the time she went missing. Moreover, it seems the guy had a brazen history of trying to snatch women and girls.

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