Kristina Pongracz, Gold Digger, Charged with Beating 77-Year-Old Boyfriend with His Cane



​Pertinent information: Kristina Nikole
Pongracz is a 28-year-old sex kitten from Goode, Virginia. Her boyfriend is 77 and needs a cane to get about. So we’ll say it for you: GOLD DIGGER! But it seems she struggles with being nice to the old guy…

William Herchenrider was nearly beaten to death by his gold digging girlfriend who used his own cane

​Our lovebirds were at William Herchenrider’s vast country estate when police received a domestic call. (Get a load of her MySpace page here.) Seems Pongracz had gotten hammered and decided to take her drunken anger out on the old dude.

By the time police arrived, Herchenrider was laying on his bedroom floor covered in blood. The very hammered Pongracz was equally bloodied and passed out next to him. He bore evidence of a vicious assault; she had no wounds.

When she awoke from her stupor at the hospital, she confessed to getting drunk and beating Herchenrider, then passing out.
Herchenrider is still in the hospital with severe injuries, but is expected to survive. The gold digger, meanwhile, has presumably recovered enough from her hangover to realize she’s been charged with malicious wounding.

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