Rosalina Ruiz, 4-Foot-11, Beats Back Cristhian Bonilla’s Carjacking Attempt



​Rosalina Ruiz is 45-year-old, stands just 4-foot-11, and weighs but 100 pounds. Yet scientists now believe she’s entirely composed of a womanly version of C-4 explosives. She was at a gas station in Laguna Hills, California at 4:30 a.m. yesterday…

She was washing her windows on her way to work when she noticed a creepy guy lurking nearby. That’s when Cristhian Bonilla jumped in her car and tried to take off.

But Rosalina is not to be trifled with. She works as an aide to elderly patients, and she needs the car to get to work. “You get upset. You don’t want somebody to rob what you have,” she told KABC-TV.
Though Bonilla is 6-feet-tall and 200 pounds, he’s also the kind of guy who steals cars from working women. Which means he’s a huge candy ass. So instead of just letting him steal her car, Rosalina jumped in and went to war with the creep.

Bonilla tried to start the car as she belted him, pulled at the keys, and yelled for police. Her pint-sized ferocity was too much. Our guess is that he trembled and quite possibly whimpered in the face of a superior foe. So he decided to flee.

Police arrested him 15 minutes later across the street. Thanks to Rosalina’s warrior skills — which are said to be equal to 100 Vikings — a serial auto thief may have been stopped. Just the night before, Bonilla was seen near a disabled car on the freeway that had been stolen in Los Angeles. He’s now been charged with carjacking and possession of stolen property.

And since it’s been said, so it shall be written: Rosalina Ruiz, toughest woman in Laguna Hills.

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