Weird Teacher Watch: Sheri Lynn Davis Filmed Beating 13-Year-Old Student



​On Thursday, we posted footage taken by a student at Jamie’s House Charter School in Houston, Texas of teacher Sheri Lynn Davis giving a 13-year-old the beating of his life. Today’s Weird Teacher Watch brings you the rest of the story…

We’re pretty sure Isaiah Reagins is no angel. But we’re also sure that Sheri Lynn Davis could have found a more suitable punishment for the 13-year-old other than a black eye.

Earlier this month, Reagins was sitting in Davis’s science class at Jamie’s House Charter School in Houston, Texas, when the 13-year-old started mouthing off to a female classmate.

Davis didn’t take Reagins’ bullying lightly. As she backed him into a corner of the room, students started cheering. That’s when Janiqua Johnson decided to pull out her cell phone and film the festivities.

However, the student’s applause quickly ceased when Davis apparently “snapped” and started beating the crap out of Reagins. On the video, Reagins can be seen lying on the ground as Davis pummels him with her fists.

In the end, Davis left the kid with a black eye and a few bruises he’ll never forget. She also lost her job over the incident. Last Monday, she was fired after Janiqua’s footage became public. 

However, this story took a slight turn on Thursday, when Reagins’ mother, Alesha Johnson, decided to file a lawsuit not just against Davis, but the charter school as well. That’s right. Alesha isn’t pressing charges — she’s looking to make bank.

We don’t mean to air on the side of child abuse, but a lawsuit? Really? 

Not to defend Davis’s actions, but thanks to parents like Alesha, who raise self-righteous children entirely immune to discipline, today’s teachers are forced to be more like babysitters for future felons rather than educators. 

Is it really a surprise that one woman finally “snapped”?

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