Bare Naked Jailer: Maybe Inmates Should Be Exposed to an Attractive Authority Figure



​Reader CCCCC responds to Jessie Lunderby, Arkansas Jailer, Suspended for Posing Nude for Playboy. She thinks there’s nothing wrong with Lunderby getting naked, and it could help prisoners practice being respectful to women…

“I’m going to have to respectfully disagree in part. I DO agree that
teachers, jailers, etc. should dress professionally. I don’t think it’s
bad, though, that attractive people can work as jailers.

“We shouldn’t
punish people for their looks by denying them certain jobs based upon
their physical appearance, provided they present themselves
professionally. There’s nothing wrong with a cute, blonde chick being an
authority figure.

“Now as that applies to this story, whether you think a spread in playboy
is applicable to her job is up to you. I don’t know that it has any
bearing whatsoever, provided they aren’t passing around copies of
playboy in the jail.

“I can say this exact same thing happened in
Springfield, Ohio (in the ’80’s, I think). That cop kept her job. I’ve
seen her & I wouldn’t have screwed with her.
You know, maybe it also wouldn’t hurt some of these guys (who are not
all in jail for things sexually-related) to be exposed to an attractive
female authority figure. They can easier practice being respectful to a
lady from the confines of their barred abode.”