Danette Stark Photoshopped Daughter’s Rival Having Sex With Dog, Placed Fliers Around Middle School



​Danette Stark’s daughter had a beef with a 13-year-old girl at Northwest Middle School in Salt Lake City. So the 37-year-old mom decided to take revenge in the best way a demented mind can. She found a photo online of a woman having sex with a dog…

Danette Stark’s plan backfires when she tries to use the old Photoshopped Face Over Dog Sex Picture Trick

​Then she Photoshopped the girl’s photo over the woman’s face and made a flier featuring the words “slut” and “whore.” She took her handiwork to the school, where she placed 18 of her posters throughout the halls, including the girl’s bathroom.

School officials naturally took the posters down. Though Utah likes to look the other way when religious nuts take batches of 15-year-old wives, its draws the line at having sex with dogs.

Unfortunately for Lady Stark, she was caught on surveillance cameras entering the 7th grade girl’s bathroom. (See her MySpace page here.)

Now she’s charged with 18 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, each of which carries a handsome 15 years in the slam. Police aren’t saying what the beef involving Stark’s daughter was about, but it looks like her 13-year-old rival now has the upper hand.

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