Fugitive Watch: Barefoot Bandit Colton Harris-Moore Leaves Donation For Veterinary Clinic



UPDATE: With an intensive police search in Washington — and pissed off residents threatening to shoot him — it looks like Colton Harris-Moore has taken his road show to the Plains states. Police believe he may be in South Dakota or Iowa. See update after the jump…

On last week’s Fugitive
, we told you about how Colton Harris-Moore, also known as the
Barefoot Bandit, turned down $50,000 in exchange for turning himself
in. It now appears that he’s more interested in giving the hand outs

When the deadline expired on Harris-Moore’s $50,000 offer to turn himself in, the 19-year-old Barefoot Bandit was nowhere to be found.

But on Friday, he popped up again, only this time he was the one spreading the wealth.
Police were called to a veterinary clinic in Raymond, Washington when one of the clinic’s vets discovered a $100 donation alongside a handwritten note asking the clinic to use the money to care for animals.
Apparently, the clinic’s workers had a hunch that the money had come from a unseemly source.
After examining the note in a crime lab, police confirmed that the money had come from none other than Harris-Moore, whose been on the run since April 2008. Since then, Harris-Moore has  been busy breaking into vacation homes, stealing planes, and all the while evading authorities, who nicknamed him the Barefoot Bandit because he often flees the scene barefoot.

A series of airport break-ins and car thefts indicate Colton Harris-Moore has relocated to the Plains states

UPDATE: Colton Harris-Moore may have taken his road show to the Plains states.

America’s most wanted teen criminal appears to have moved to the Plains. Kelly Kneifl arrived at his Yankton, South Dakota home Friday to find that someone had broken into his house. He and his wife had been gone for a week. But when they entered the home, Kelly’s wife saw a naked intruder and screamed.

Kelly gave chase, but the naked man pointed a laser at his chest, threatening to shoot. Kelly stopped, but his wife had already called police.

Yankton PD surrounded the home in a standoff. Bloodhounds and helicopters were brought in. But the man, who fit the description of the 19-year-old bandit, was long gone. He left behind loads of DNA, however. He’d eaten food and taken a shower, even giving himself a haircut and leaving the hair behind.

Kelly’s description, coupled with recent airport burglaries in the area, seem to indicate that Harris-Moore has moved east. Earlier in the week, someone broke into Yankton’s Chan
Gurney Airport, using the computer and stealing blankets. Plane hangers were also broken into, but the airport doesn’t house the kind of planes Harris-Moore is known for stealing. In Washington, he’s believed to have stolen at least four planes.

A truck stolen from Spearfish, South Dakota was left at the airport. After the home break-in, someone stole another truck and left it at an airport in Norfolk, Nebraska, where there were also break-ins.

And in Norfolk, someone stole a 2008 Cadillac Escalade that was discarded in Pella,
Iowa where yet another car was stolen. 

Whether you like him or not, you gotta hand it to the kid. He sure knows how to execute a one-man crime spree. (Special thanks to SoCalDreamer for the tip.)

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