J. Renaud Felix, High School Teacher, Savagely Beaten By Student He Caught Cheating



​52-year-old teacher J. Renaud Felix was administering the final exam in his French class at Uniondale High School on Long Island. That’s when he caught a 14-year-old boy cheating on the test. Accounts vary, but it seems Felix booted the boy out of his class…

The student would later return. So Felix left his classroom to call security.

The kid, however, followed him into the hall. That’s where he savagely attacked the educator, proceeding to punch, kick and stomp him as he lay bleeding on the floor. When Felix arrived back in class, students say his face was dripping blood.

He was ushered to the hospital for injuries to his head and torso, in addition to cuts inside his mouth.

The kid was arrested, but for some reason he’s only being charged for second-degree assault at a juvenile. We’re not saying he should go to prison at age 14, but a cheap assault charge for brutally beating a teacher seems way too soft.

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