Jackson Attuso, 8, Has Throat Slit by 16-Year-Old Trevor Reese While Riding His Bike



​Jackson “Jack” Attuso, 8, was on a bike ride with his family in St. Francisville, Louisiana last week. He’d somehow become separated from his mother and brother as they rode along the trail, with the two riding ahead of him. But it wasn’t like they were in dangerous country…

Jack (pictured top) was just pedaling past the The Bluffs, a luxury golf course community, when an attacker emerged from the side of the trail. He was stabbed repeatedly in the back and the chest. In a final blow, the assailant slit the young boy’s throat.

Trevor Reese, a 16-year-old rich kid with a 4.0 GPA, is charged with ambushing the boy as he rode his bike along a trail

​Jack had fought back. He suffered defensive wounds, and his dead hand clutched a clump of hair. But it seems he was just too small to fend the older boy off. He was found after his mother and brother doubled back on the trail to find him.

A short time later, 16-year-old Trevor Reese, a rich kid who lives in The Bluffs, emerged from the woods not far from his home, covered in blood. He told a carpenter working nearby that he’d just killed another boy. The tradesman held the little dick until police arrived.

There’s been no motive mentioned for the murder so far, and it looks to be a random killing. Reese has no history of mental problems, uses no medicine, and is an honors student with a 4.0 GPA. He also comes from a presumably well-off family. The Bluffs is so fancy its golf course was designed by former great Arnold Palmer.

Reese will be tried as an adult for murder. But because he doesn’t turn 17 until the end of next month, he is not eligible for the death penalty.

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