Jessie Lunderby, Arkansas Jailer, Suspended for Posing Nude for Playboy



​Here’s an interesting moral dilemma thou dearest reader: Jessie Lunderby is a 21-year-old jailer in Washington County, Arkansas. And when the married mom shines herself up, she can be quite fetching bare naked, or so scholars of nudity have been prone to remark (NSFW)…

When she gussies herself up, Jessie Lunderby looks at bit better than the southern jailers depicted in old Paul Newman movies

​So a few weeks back, she told her supervisors that she would be posing in the nude for Playboy’s Cybergirl of the Week feature. We’re guessing the conversation went down something like this:

“Jeepers, Mr. Supervisor, would you mind if I got bare naked for Playboy?”

Gratuitous photo of Jessie bare naked in thinly veiled attempt to expand the profitable young male demographic of our readership

​“Why not at all,” replied the supervisor, licking his lips like that Wolf that eats the grandma in Little Red Riding Hood. “I believe that would be, like, um, wicked artistic. How much would you charge for the negatives?”

But when the photos appeared June 7, the sheriff’s department had a change of heart. This being the Bible Belt and all, we’d guess the good citizens of Washington County weren’t happy about law enforcement getting naked — especially those who are too cheap to spring for a Playboy subscription, since they had to go see the photos at their buddy’s house. And he has dial-up.

So the sheriff promptly suspended Jessie, contending that she’d violated an ethics rule about putting the department in a bad and bare naked light.

But Jessie tells 5-News that the department is being two-faced: “They knew about it, I informed them about it, I had plenty of time to
say ‘no it can’t come out, no I don’t want it to be out,’ they never
said no. It’s kind of sad the way they are dealing with
this whole thing it’s like they waited for this to come out and make a
big deal out of it, it’s disgusting.”

Deputies are expected to conclude their investigation any day, but Jessie suspects she’ll either face further suspension — this time without pay — or possibly be fired.

So what do you think, dear reader? Is this much ado about nothing? Or should law officers just not be getting bare naked?

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