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Jose Agostinho Pereira Had 8 Kids With His Daughters, Kept One as Sex Slave

Friday, June 11, 2010 at 3:35 pm
It began when his daughter was just 14. Jose Agostinho Pereira raped her, an assault that produced a child. The girl eventually ran away from their home in Brazil, leaving her child behind. By 1998, Pereira's wife had left him as well, leaving another daughter behind...


And that daughter would face the brunt of his degenerate fantasies.

When she was just 16, Pereira began to rape her regularly. Over the 12 years, his incestuous attacks would produce seven more kids. Police say he kept his now 28-year-old daughter as a virtual sex slave.

She and her children were forced to live in a two-room thatched hut in the jungle, far from anyone else. The home could only be reached by canoe, and the kids were so isolated they could barely communicate with outsiders. Pereira threatened to kill them if they tried to escape.

But it seems a relative tipped police off to his secret family in the jungle. When cops arrived, they found the kids -- ages 12 to 2 months -- malnourished and barely clothed. None had ever gone to school.

Pereira tried to claim the incestuous family was born from a loving relationship with his daughter. But given that the hut seemed to be his own private prison camp, police aren't buying. They're also looking into whether he'd already begun to abuse his daughters/granddaughters.

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