Juliana Redding: Two Years After Actress’ Murder, Police Arrest Kelly Soo Park



UPDATE: It looks as if Juliana Redding may have been killed in a murder-for-hire plot over a failed business deal involving her father. Accused killer Kelly Soo Park was paid $250,000 three weeks before Juliana was found murdered. See update after the jump…

Juliana’s claim to fame was appearing in “Kathy T Gives Good Hoover” and making Maxim magazine’s Hometown Hottie feature.

​Juliana Redding moved from Tucson to Santa Monica like so many before her, hoping to find stardom on the big screen. She was 21, beautiful and bubbly, say neighbors who encountered her walking her dog. But she had yet to find her fame.

She’d appeared in an indie movie with the ever-so-classy title “Kathy T Gives Good Hoover” and made Maxim magazine’s Hometown Hottie feature, but not much else. In the meantime, she paid the rent by working in a tapas bar.

Kelly Soo Park has been charged in Juliana’s murder, but police aren’t releasing a motive

​Since we’re from the Midwest, we have no idea what a tapas bar is. But it doesn’t sound like the kind of decent American joint where they host dart leagues and offer $2 shots of Jim Beam. The job, however, allowed her to live in a tony Santa Monica neighborhood where rents on one-bedroom apartments go for $2,000 a month.

But in 2008, her mother had been unable to contact her. So she asked Santa Monica police for a welfare check. Officers found Juliana murdered in her apartment due to obvious trauma.

The case would linger in detectives’ files for two years. But police have finally arrested 44-year-old Kelly Soo Park for the slaying.

Detectives aren’t saying how — or if — Park knew Juliana. Nor are they revealing what motive the former realtor had in killing the aspiring actress. Park’s roommate was initially charged as well, but the case against him was almost immediately dropped.

Detectives are still looking for other possible suspects in the case.

It now appears that Juliana’s death may stem from her father Greg’s failed business deal

UPDATE: Accused killer Kelly Soo Park was paid $250,000 three weeks before Juliana’s murder.

According to police, Juliana’s father, Greg Redding, was involved in an undisclosed business deal with Marina del Rey Dr. Munir Uwaydah prior to Juliana’s murder. But Uwaydah wasn’t the kind of guy you want to do business with.

He lost a suit in 2005 in which he was accused of defrauding a medical supply company of nearly $1 million. He is also currently being investigated for filing millions of dollars in fraudulent
insurance claims. But something happened back in March 2008 to cause the deal to fall apart.

Five days later, Juliana was found beaten to death in her apartment.

Three weeks prior to her death, Kelly Soo Park was paid $250,000 by Uwaydah, her employer. That was in addition to her $10,000 a month salary. And just days before Park was arrested last week, Uwaydah wired another $113,000 to Park’s relatives through a South Korean bank.

Uwaydah’s lawyer says he had nothing to do with the murder, nor does he know anything about the fraud investigation. But he’s conveniently traveling outside the country.

Santa Monica police say there could be more arrests in the case, but they aren’t revealing much more.

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