Michelle Gaiser Just Couldn’t Find a Decent Hitman to Kill Yvonne Stern, Her Boyfriend’s Wife



​Jeffrey Stern was a prominent Houston lawyer with a wife, two kids, a $1 million home in Texas and another in Aspen. His wife, Yvonne Stern, was a socialite and stay-at-home mom. And Jeffrey’s mistress, Michelle Cabrera Gaiser (left), badly wanted to take her place…

The mistress of Yvonne Stern’s husband had made three attempts on her life — and was working on a fourth

​She just couldn’t find a capable hitman to make it happen.

On February 10, someone shot up the Stern’s Bellaire home in a driveby. As far as murder goes, it wasn’t a very respectable assassination attempt. Mrs. Stern wasn’t even home at the time.

On April 15, someone knocked on the door of the Sterns’ home. When Yvonne arrived to answer it, the gunman started shooting through the door. This too is not a recommended practice in the better how-to manuals in the trade.

Finally, on May 5, Yvonne was getting into her car when a man approached and shot her in the stomach. She survived her injuries.

That’s when an informant called police to say Gaiser had been trying to hire a competent hitman to whack Yvonne. It seems Gaiser and Jeffrey Stern had been having an affair for months, and she’d decided things would be much better if Mrs. Stern was no longer in the picture.

Wealthy ambulance chaser Jeffrey Stern has denied any involvement in the attempts on his wife’s life

​It’s still unclear how many hitmen Gaiser hired to take out Yvonne. At least one took her money and never followed through. She apparently hired an additional two to also do her bidding — and she was now looking for a 2-for-1 deal. Not only did she want Yvonne whacked, but she also wanted to kill the hitman who took her money and then skated on the job.

After the third failed attempt, she was looking for yet another to whack Yvonne. But this time the hitter was actually an informant, and he twice got Gaiser offering to pay $10,000 to finally get the job right.

Gaiser has now been charged with solicitation to commit capital murder. Two failed hitmen,  James Steven Lowery and Richard Andrew Gutierrez, are charged with the same crime. Gutierrez is believed to be the man who shot Yvonne while she was getting in her car. He’s still at large.

It’s also unclear what — if anything — Jeffrey Stern had to do with the assassination attempts. The personal injury lawyer — read: ambulance chaser — was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, but eventually released. 

Yvonne, meanwhile, filed for divorce last Friday on grounds of adultery.

But since this case has as many loose string as it does answers, we’ll keep you posted.

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