Mom Swapped Her 14-Year-Old Daughter for Crack, Sex Over 4-Year Period



​From the annals of bad mothering comes this great tale from Wells Township, Ohio: It seems an unnamed mom was short on both money and crack. And since she badly wanted both, she decided to swap the only asset she had: Her daughter…

The transactions began when the girl was just 10. The 46-year-old mother, who has a previous conviction for drug trafficking, decided to trade sex with the child for money and crack. Police say the girl was traded out to multiple partners, though they’re not sure how many. But mom invited at least one of them to live with her.

Police received an anonymous tip that 21-year-old Edward Oxley was living with the mother and daughter. They also discovered an internet posting from Oxley claiming he loved the girl. But since compulsory sex when you’re 14 isn’t exactly legal in Ohio, detectives swooped in.

Oxley confessed to the illicit relationship. The mother also admitted that she’d occasionally sell the girl, sometimes for money and other times for crack.

The mom was charged with complicity of unlawful conduct with
a minor and compelling prostitution. Oxley, who has recently convictions for theft and burglary, will be charged with statutory rape. Both are expected to have their probations immediately revoked.

The girl, meanwhile, has been taken into state custody, but it seems she has health problems. Due to mom’s business practices, she contracted a number of sexually transmitted diseases. (Special thanks to Bransmom for the tip.)

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