Natasha McKenzie, Reggie Wayne’s Mistress, Accused of Burning Up $95,000 on His Debit Card



​Never underestimate the value of being ugly and poor. If you have the marketable tools to barely get a wife, you’ll never encounter the woes of a gold-digging mistress. Reggie Wayne, an all-pro receiver for the Indianapolis Colts, isn’t so lucky…

Natasha McKenzie used Reggie Wayne’s debit card to make 333 purchases, often selling stuff to friends and family at a 50 percent discount, then pocketing the loot

​While he may not be particularly good looking, he is quite famous and very, very rich. And like many an athlete, he decided to make like a 19th Century Mormon and partake of more than one woman.

That led him to the arms of one Natasha McKenzie, 26. And this is where our story goes astray.

It seems Wayne gave her his debit card number so she could fly to Indianapolis to provide some extramarital loving. She also needed loot to pay her cell phone bill. But she didn’t just buy essentials. She was determined to test the card’s intercontinental ballistic powers.

According to police, she rang up 333 charges totaling 95 Large. She purchased furniture and electronics. She’d also buy stuff on Wayne’s card, then resell them to friends and family at a 50 percent discount, pocketing the loot for herself.
Wayne went to police in April, saying his now ex-mistress was making unauthorized buys. But his story has changed a few times — no doubt shifting because he had to keep this little problem from reaching the radar of Mrs. Wayne.

At first he said McKenzie had access to the card in the past. Then he said she was never authorized to use it.

But McKenzie claims her boyfriend knew about the purchases all along. She says she’s only being lit up now because either Mrs. Wayne found out about her, or Reggie had moved on to a new mistress.

We’ll let the cops sort all that out. They say McKenzie has admitted to using the card without permission. Police are still debating whether to charge her with fraud.

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