Rhonda Baker Left 4 Kids Alone for Days Without Food to Be With Boyfriend



​Rhonda Baker needs an immediate uterus extraction. The 35-year-old mother of four got herself a new boyfriend. And that, in her mind, meant she was no longer responsible for caring for her children. So she left the kids — ages 13 to 17 months — alone to be with her boyfriend…

For days on end.

The kids would later say that she occasionally dropped by their Orlando home to check on them for 20 minutes at a time before leaving again. In the meantime, it was up to the 13-year-old girl to play surrogate mother.

But the kids were running out of food. By Friday night, there was nothing left but cookies, tea, and water. Moreover, the youngest daughter was suffering from a leg rash that left her in pain and constantly screaming.

Fortunately, Helena Glasgow went to visit the home to find that the kids had been abandoned. She called 911. The oldest girl told police they’d been home alone for days. All she knew was that her mother had a new boyfriend named Justin.

Baker at first tried to claim she was home all the time, but she later confessed to abandoning her kids. The children were removed from the home, and Baker, expected to be a lock for Florida’s Shitty Mother of the Year award, is now charged with child neglect.

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