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Russell Feeler Placed Hidden Camera Under His 15-Year-Old Stepdaughter's Bed

Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 7:01 am
Russell Feeler claims he was just being a dutiful dad. That's why he hide a camera in his 15-year-old stepdaughter's bedroom. He wanted to make sure he caught any boys entering her room. But then the girl discovered the camera. She thought this was somewhat creepy...

So she told a school counselor, who called police. And here's where the story of the 59-year-old father begins to fall apart.

Apparently the Kingman, Arizona dad had been caught trying to video the girl before. So her mom put an end to it. She seems to have thought it too taxing to actually divorce the creep and shepherd her daughter to safety.

So this time, Feeler waited until his wife was out of town. And if he was hoping to catch boys, he had a weird way of doing it. Instead of point the lens at the window or door, he had it pointed toward the girl's bathroom. Either he was hoping to catch a wayward restroom intruder, or he wanted to catch the girl in a state of undress.

Police pretty much went with the latter. Call it cop intuition. Feeler was charged with five counts of surreptitious videotaping and attempted sexual conduct with a minor under 15, which wins our award for the Windiest Name of a Statute This Week.

But here's where it gets even weirder. Prosecutors allowed him to take an Alford plea, where he essentially pleads guilty under the premise that he'd likely get his ass kicked at trial, but he doesn't have to admit guilt. And all he'll get at sentencing is... probation.

This doesn't seem like a very good sentence for a man caught twice being perv. But there is a bright side: The girl has apparently moved out of state.

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