Sunday Blombergh Murdered: In-Laws Ruby and Roy Evans Charged with the Slaying



UPDATE: Kenneth Tomlinson confesses in court to hiding Sunday Blombergh’s body after she was shot and strangled by her father-in-law, Roy Herman Evans. He claims he was too afraid of Evans and police to immediately report the slaying. See update after the jump…

Sunday, left, disappeared on the day she was supposed to move back to Florida with her 7-year-old daughter

​Sunday Blombergh was living in Tifton, Georgia with her 7-year-old daughter. But friends say she was planning to move back to her hometown of Tallahassee, Florida. And that’s what may have put her into peril, courtesy of an unexpected source: her in-laws.
On the day of the move, Sunday suddenly disappeared. She was last seen at her home in Tifton. 

It took almost of a month of searches, candle light vigils and detective work. But it looks like police are moving closer to finding out what happened to her. They’ve charged her in-laws with her murder.

Roy Herman Evans shot Sunday. When she didn’t die, he strangled her with a wire, then stabbed her in the chest/

Sunday’s mother-in-law, 45-year-old Ruby Evans, and her stepfather-in-law, 44-year-old Roy Herman Evans have been arrested in the slaying. Also charged is Kennith Thomlinson, a family friend, who police say helped the couple get rid of the body.

Sunday was found in a wooded area last week; Thomlinson reported led detectives to her body.

The motive for the slaying is unclear, though some suspect the Evans killed her to keep Sunday from moving away with their granddaughter.

Either way, it’s doubtful we know the full story yet. Detectives say they believe others were involved, and more arrests are forthcoming.

Kenneth Tomlinson has confessed to helping Evans dump Sunday’s body.

UPDATE: Kenneth Tomlinson confesses to helping hide Sunday’s body.
Kenneth Tomlinson, an employee for the city of Tifton, Georgia, says he’d just gotten off work when he got a call from his longtime friend, Roy Herman Evans. He needed help with something, Evans told him. And his mom had baked Tomlinson a birthday cake.
When he got to the home, which the Evans shared with Sunday and their granddaughter, Roy Herman Evans led him to a bedroom. There he saw Sunday on the floor, wearing a T-shirt and shorts, bloody on her chest and stomach.
Tomlinson claims he was in shock, but that he was too scared to run. Evans told him that he’d shot Sunday. When she didn’t die, he strangled her with a wire, then stabbed her in the chest. Now he needed help getting rid of the body.

Ruby Anne Evans, Sunday’s mother-in-law, has also been charged in the murder

So Tomlinson helped Evans wrap Sunday in plastic and a blanket, then loaded it in the back of a truck, covering it with boxes and firewood. They drove around before finding a remote creek road, where they removed the wrapping and dumped Sunday to be exposed to the elements.
Tomlinson returned to Evans’ house, grabbed his truck and left.
When he later saw Evans at a cookout, he got the impression that he’d be in danger if he talked. A week later, the police asked him to take a lie detector test, which he failed miserably. That’s when Tomlinson decided to confess to everything he knew. He also showed detectives where he and Evans left Sunday’s badly decomposed body.
Police have yet to reveal a motive over why the Evans wanted Sunday dead.

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