Velma Brown Charged with Killing 83-Year-Old Woman for Cutting in Line at Senior Citizens Luau



​Today’s Moron of the Day may be setting some kind of record for the sheer pettiness of her crime. Velma D. Brown, 58, was attending a senior citizen luau at a National Guard Armory in Suffolk, Virgina. She was badly jonesing to get her Hawaiian dance on, it seems…

But as she was waiting in line to get in, she noticed that 83-year-old Elizabeth Newby and another 89-year-old woman were cutting ahead of her. At least that’s what Velma thought there were doing.

Yet instead of riding the welcoming spirit of the senior luau, Velma decided to confront the two aged women. She pushed Elizabeth down, and the 89-year-old fell too. Elizabeth fractured her hip. The other woman struck her head.

Newby, apparently pretty frail, died at the hospital two weeks later. An autopsy revealed she been killed due to complications resulting from the fall.

That leaves Velma charged with involuntary manslaughter. She’s pleaded not guilty, but we’re guessing a jury won’t look kindly on pushing around elderly women. We’re also guessing she won’t find too many bragging rights in prison. “I totally beat that 83-year-old woman’s ass” just doesn’t have the criminal cache it once did.

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