William Page Raped His 2-Year-Old Daughter, Then Left Her in the Frozen Woods to Die



​William Page was angry that his two-year-old daughter Nyia kept taking off her diaper. So he decided to punish her in a way only a shitbag can. In the wee hours of the morning, he took her from her bed in Rankin, Pennsylvania and raped her…

Nyia Page was raped by her father, then left to die in the woods in 7-degree temperatures

​Then he brought her to some nearby woods and left her to freeze to death in 7-degree weather.

He originally tried to claim that his daughter had been kidnapped, but later confessed to her murder, only to recant again.

A jury convicted him on a load of felonies in March, but they deadlocked on the death penalty after Page’s lawyer argued that his client suffers from autism. Had they witnessed his performance at his sentencing yesterday, they might have reconsidered frying his ass.

As Judge David Cashman began to issue his sentence, Page interrupted him.

“Listen, idiot,” he told the judge, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I didn’t kill anybody. Give me the
time so I can go, all right?”

That didn’t exactly please Cashman. He not only sentenced Page to life, but just to make sure he’d never see parole, the judge jacked him with consecutive sentences of 10 to 20 years for kidnapping, 10 to 20 years
for aggravated sexual assault and 1 to 2 years for making a false report.

The case is especially sad because the girl’s mother, Darlene Robinson, was pregnant at the time of the slaying. She ended up giving up the child because it reminded her of Page.

But after the trial, Judge Cashman may have summed it up best. “Let me tell you,” he told the Post-Gazette, pointing to himself. “This idiot’s going
home at 5 o’clock tonight. That idiot isn’t.”