Bobbi Ann Finley in Jail After Marrying, Swindling 11 Servicemen



UPDATE: By the age of 24, she’d already been married seven times. By the time of her arrest last month, she’d been married 11 times and had nine kids with nine different men. According to police in multiple states, she swindled nearly all of them…

Bobbi Finley married Ben Giles in 2005. Within months, she’d cleaned him out for $100,000.

​Her scam was fairly simple. She’d hang around military bases across the country, romancing servicemen she saw as vulnerable. Sometimes she’d claim to be a veteran who’d been injured in Iraq. Sometimes she claimed to be the daughter of a wealthy general.

She wasn’t much to look at on the babelicious scale, but she more than made up for it by playing the quintessential old-fashioned girlfriend. The men would come home to find their apartments immaculately cleaned, supper on the table. It would inevitably lead to a whirlwind romance followed by marriage.

Then, just a week or a month into wedlock, the men would find their bank accounts cleaned out, their credit cards maxed, and Bobbi Ann Finley gone.

It happened at least 11 times. Maybe more. And on nine of those occasions, Bobbi Ann would later give birth. The kids would eventually be given to someone else or placed for adoption.

She’d been running the scam since 1994. But it would take police 16 years to catch her. Last month, she ran up a $240 bill at a New Orleans restaurant. She ordered 3 steaks, ribs, appetizers, dessert, and drinks.

But when the bill came, she told the waiter that she didn’t have any money. The restaurant called police.

She was jailed, then extradited to Alabama. States from Texas to Washington are also lined up, waiting to get a shot at her.

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