Despite Their Religious Devotion, the Amish Can Be as Cruel as the Rest of Us



​Reader Magical Shrimp responds to Hammered Amish Boy Tries to Elude Police in Buggy Chase. She lives near an Amish community, and knows of cases ranging from a sexual assault to severe animal cruelty. She argues the Amish can be just as depraved as the rest of us…

“Near where I live there was a case several years ago where an Amish
woman was sexually abusing kids. Boy, was that ever hushed up fast. They
“take care of their own.” I’m sorry, but if you molest a kid you need
you have your ass handed over to the law.

“Another story: My in-laws have
a dog rescued from an Amish guy. This dog was tied to a chain on a
concrete slab and not only was he half-dead from starvation, the guy’s
kids were beating the shit out of him. If my husband’s uncle, who was
the breeder, had not gone by to see how the dog was, he would have died a
horrible death.

“Luckily, he took one look, grabbed the dog and took him
away to a loving home while the asshole was yelling at him.

“Never ever
believe that the Amish are any better than the rest of us just because
they don’t use technology. You’ll find the same monsters among them as
you do in the “secular” world.”