Enrique Gonzalez Gets Prison for Forcing 6-Year-Old Son to Get Bulldogs Gang Tattoo



​Enrique Gonzalez badly wanted to have his son follow in his footsteps — those footsteps being membership in Fresno’s Bulldog gang. So as dad held the boy down, fellow gangbanger shithead Travis Gorman have the kid the Bulldog’s symbolic footprint tattoo…

Is this tattoo worth 6 years in the slam?

​It isn’t much of an ink job, not much larger than a quarter. But that didn’t mollify the boy’s mother, who called police.

The prosecutor initially wanted to give both men life on a mayhem charge. But a jury found that a little excessive last month. The panel found the men not guilty of mayhem and it deadlocked on lesser felonies.

So instead of facing another trial, the pair pleaded guilty to corporal injury to a child. Still, the two men — if you can call them that — didn’t exactly get a lenient sentence. Gonzalez got six years for the tattoo. Gorman got five for his role, which included a misdemeanor charge of street terrorism.

So what do you think, dear reader? Is that kind of time excessive for a mere quarter-sized tattoo? Or was the judge wise to light them up irrespective of the crime, seeing as how they’re obvious shitheads?

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