Hubert Rotteveel, Moron of the Day: Former Pro Soccer Exec Robbed 2 Banks on Bicycle



Rotteveel, 47, is the former general manager of the Sacramento Knights, a professional indoor soccer team that is no more. It seems he’s fallen on hard times. So he came up with an inventive plan to make money: by robbing banks on his bicycle…

Police believe Hubert Rotteveel was also responsible for this robbery at a Santa Cruz bank

​Last week, he pedaled to the River City Bank in Woodland, California, showing up for his robbery in full bike riding gear, which isn’t a very good look if you’re trying to be menacing. Who robs a bank in those weird spandex shorts?

But at least he showed enough self-respect to bring a gun. He waved it around, got his money, and pedaled away.

An hour later, a man fitting the same description robbed the First Northern Bank in West Sacramento. Again he took off on his bike, multitasking with exercise and armed felonies at the same time.

But as he was riding away, he passed a patrol car. Just then, the dye pack in his loot exploded — right in front of the officer.

The cop naturally deduced that exploding dye packs are not a routine part of bike riding. Rotteveel was quickly arrested.

He’s now being held on a $200,000 bond. But there’s a good chance he could get jacked more. Rotteveel’s suspected in a series of armed robberies in Northern California, including one just two days before his arrest.

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