Jessica Leonhardt, aka ‘Jessi Slaughter,’ Faces Backlash After Taking On Cyber-Bullies with Webcam



It began when 11-year-old Jessica Leonhardt was being bullied over the internet. Other kids were leaving posts about her supposedly sleazy sexual history. So Jessica, using he name “Jessi Slaughter,” decided to respond to them via webcam…

That response (see video above) comes off as a goofy, profane, vain rant that could only be executed by a catty little girl. She takes a moment to defend the fact that she’s not really emo, before telling viewers to “suck my non-existent penis” and “get AIDS and die.”
‘I’m happy with my life, okay?” she says at one point. “And if you can’t, like, realize that and stop hating you know what? I’ll pop a glock in your mouth and make a brain slushy.”
Still, it comes off as little more than the rambling rant of a pre-teen drama queen, parroting tough guy dialogue she’s heard in the movies.
But as the video gradually went viral, the internet buzzards came out. They began posting Jessica’s phone number, home address and linking her various social networking accounts. Assholes spammed her MySpace and Facebook pages. Dickheads made fake pizza deliveries to her home. There were even message boards featuring categories titled “How to Troll Jessi.”
It only got worse when Jessica posted another video, this time crying and clearly traumatized by the attacks (see below). Nor did it help when her dad jumped into the video, threatening his daughter’s tormentors and yelling at the camera.
At one point, the harassment got so bad that police placed Jessica in protective custody. People were calling her home pretending to be cops and social services workers. Death threats also came raining in.
State police are now investigating the bullying, but they also believe Jessica should be sent to a mental health facility for an evaluation over suicidal tendencies.
She now just wants to be left alone. But that probably won’t begin until she and her dad learn to stay off the internet.

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