Man Throws Coffee on Female Marine, Gets His Ass Kicked



​Reader JJC responds to Tyler Tirado Calls Military Woman a ‘Baby Killer,’ Hits Her with a Beer Bottle. He recalls a similar incident near the same institute, when a guy threw coffee on a female Marine. This time the guy ended up flat on his ass…

“Reminds me of a story that happened back when I was a DLI student. Some
jerk pretty much exactly like this guy (maybe the same, who knows?)
chose to approach a group of troops at Starbucks and exhibit the same
douchebag behavior.

“Then he decided to throw his coffee on a young
female Marine. BTW, she wasn’t in her everyday utility uniform, she was
in her service uniform, which requires dry cleaning and is the military
equivalent of nice shirt and tie.

“Well, imagine his surprise when this young woman countered by punching
him square in the face(knocking him on his ass).
Actions have consequences.”