Rachel Wade & Sarah Ludemann: A Teen Love Triangle Turns to Murder



UPDATE: Rachel Wade has been found guilty in the murder of 17-year-old Sarah Ludemann after stabbing her in the heart following eight months of taunting each other over a shared lover. Prosecutors also said their mutual lover encouraged them to fight over him. See update after the jump…

Though she threatened to kill Sarah moments before she stabbed her, Rachel Wade is claiming self-defense

​Josh Camacho, a 21-year-old from Pinellas Park, Florida, was not the
kind of kid you want your daughter dating. He was a swaggering, 5-foot-5
pissant who enjoyed having pictures taken of him flexing his muscles,
holding a gun, smoking weed.

But the Chik-fil-A cook did have a way with the teenage girls. He had a son at age 19 with Erin
Slothower, a woman he referred to as his “baby mama,” though he never paid child support and rarely visited the child.

He also had two girls he described as “friends with benefits” — 18-year-old Rachel Wade and 17-year-old Sarah
Ludemann. Both had been swept away by teenage love for Josh.

Sarah Ludemann fell head over heels for Josh, though he constantly cheated on her

​Rachel was a high-school dropout who worked at Applebee’s. She was a frequent runaway in her younger years, sneaking out the window of her parents home at night. At 15, she was caught having sex with a 19-year-old boy in a school parking lot. The boy was charged with a felony sexual offense.

Rachel was also a flirtatious, vain young woman who believed in her powers over young men. But that power didn’t extend to Josh.

In April of last year, he was sleeping with Erin, Rachel and high school student Sarah
Ludemann all at the same time — and he didn’t much care if any of them knew about it. Still, he would profess to each that they were his one true love. And the girls, being young and immersed, believed it.

But Josh would continually let them down, trading partners seemingly every night. Yet the girls didn’t get mad at their cad of a boyfriend. They took their anger out on each other.

Rachel and Sarah would launch a feud that lasted months. Sarah was the good girl who fell head-over-heels for her first boyfriend. Her dad knew Josh was a piece of shit, but believed their was nothing he could do to halt teenage romance.

So Rachel and Sarah would swap jealous MySpace posts, trade threatening texts and phone calls, and do their best to taunt each other. Rachel would call Sarah fat and ugly, asking why Josh would want her when he could have the lovely Rachel. She once called Sarah 20 times in the span of two hours.

Josh Camacho was a swaggering pissant who had a way with teenage girls

​“You’re fucking with me when you fuck with Josh,” Rachel yelped in one recorded call. “Seriously . . . I’m letting you know now you’re either going to get
fucked up or something of yours is. Stop being a bitch!”

Sarah would respond by showing up at Applebee’s and sitting with her friends in Rachel’s waitress section, harassing her and bumping her as she carried trays. She also once blasted Rachel with Silly String outside a Taco Bell.

It could all be dismissed as the ridiculous drama of two teen girls had it not been for the night of April 14, 2009.

Both expected to see Josh that night. But he chose to watch movies and play Wii with Sarah at his sister’s house. That’s when Rachel showed up in the driveway.

It seems Josh hadn’t been returning his calls that night. “Now I know why you’re not talking to me — because you got her,”
Rachel texted him from her car. 

“That’s right,” Josh replied. “I don’t like you no more. Why are you down this street? Go home.”

A hour later Sarah was on her way home when someone told her that Rachel had been spotted nearby. So she went looking for her rival. Just then her cell phone rang. “I’m going to kill you,” Rachel squawked. “You and your Mexican

Sarah saw Rachel standing outside a house talking to two boys. She jumped out of her minivan and ran toward her, ready to pound her.

At first Rachel ran, but then stopped and raised a kitchen knife. In one quick move, she stabbed Sarah in the heart. She died almost immediately.

Rachel claimed the killing was in self-defense. But police didn’t see it that way. She was charged with second-degree murder.

Jury selection started for her trial yesterday.

Rachel Wade made frequent threats to kill Sarah. That didn’t sit well with her self-defense strategy in court.

UPDATE: Rachel Wade has been found guilty of second degree murder.

It took a jury less than three hours to convict Rachel of murdering Sarah. The jury was given three options: find her guilty of guilty of second-degree murder, guilty of manslaughter, or innocent. But it chose to light her up with the heaviest sentence.

Her sentencing won’t take place until September, but she faces a minimum of 20 years to a max of life.

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