Thomas Skinner, Moron of the Day: Used His 12-Year-Old Grandson as His Designated Driver



​59-year-old Thomas Skinner of Houston likes to party. But he likes to party safely. So when he decided to get hammered Monday night, he got a designated driver. The problem: The driver was his 12-year-old grandson…

Police in Liberty Hill, Texas got a 911 call about a truck driving erratically on Highway 29. When they stopped the vehicle, they found a hammered grandpa riding shotgun, with the 12-year-old boy behind the wheel. Skinner’s 11-year-old grandson was also in the back seat.

When asked why the boy was driving, Skinner responded by saying the kid was learning to drive.

Police still don’t know why they were on the highway, but the boy had apparently driven 20 miles.

Skinner is now in jail, and his grandkids have been returned to their Houston home. At least grandpa gave them a good story to tell when they get older.

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