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Top 5 Douchebags: Christopher Sutton Convicted Of Murdering Mother, Blinding Father

By Denise Grollmus in Douchebags, Lists
Monday, July 26, 2010 at 9:00 am
Christopher Sutton easily earned his starring role on today's episode of Douchebags of the Week. First, Sutton hired a man to kill his parents -- the folks who adopted him when his real mother and father abandoned him. Even worse, he did it because he felt entitled to his adopted father's wealth...

5. Some Comic Book Geek
If you haven't heard that Comic-Con is on, that's probably because you're not some pasty geek living in his mother's basement. 

If you have, well, then you probably have also heard about that one comic book geek who lost it during the Resident Evil: Afterlife panel discussion on Saturday night.

Apparently two young men, both in their 20s (and both, probably, totally socially inept) were sitting in the auditorium when one of them got upset because the other was "sitting too close to him."

That's when the two started arguing - an argument that turned into a minor assault case. Apparently, the guy sporting the Harry Potter t-shirt stabbed the other dude in the eye with a pen.

The "alleged assailant" (did we mention he was wearing a Harry Potter t-shirt? Just Checking.) was quickly escorted out of the comic convention, arrested, and booked into jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.   

And so goes crime in the world of nerds. 

4. Jose LaTorre Jr. 
While no one expected it to come to this, the rivalry between two Philadelphia tow truck companies had been coming to a head for sometime.

It all started Wednesday, July 14, when thirteen cars sitting on the lot of J & Son's Auto Body Shop were torched. 

The owner's son, Jose LaTorre Jr., assumed it had to be the guys over at Mystical Complete Auto Service -- a rival tow truck company they'd been competing with for years. 

That's when LaTorre decided to return the favor by firing bullets into the side of Mystical's shop that very same day.

Still, LaTorre didn't feel like he'd gotten completely even. So, last Monday, when he got a call to come pick up a disabled vehicle, he made sure to beat Mystical to the scene.

LaTorre jumped in his Cadillac Escalade and headed toward the accident, just in time to greet the driver from Mystical.

Despite the fact that the J & Son's tow truck was still en route, LaTorre insisted that the job was theirs. When the Mystical worker tried to argue, LaTorre shot him before fleeing the scene. 

Luckily, the worker wasn't seriously injured. 

LaTorre has been MIA ever since the shooting, and his father, who owns the shop, says he has no idea where he is. There is a warrant out for his arrest.

3. Harvey Hatch
It was May 2009, when Harvey Hatch was called upon to help a family in need.

Hatch happened to be close friends with a New Jersey woman who had recently ended up in the hospital with cancer.

Unable to care for her 16-year-old daughter while undergoing treatment, the woman asked if Hatch could step in and watch over her. She trusted Hatch. But she shouldn't have.

Rather than watch over the girl as though she were his own child, Hatch made a drinking buddy out of the 16-year-old. The first night in Hatch's care, the girl drank so much she passed out, only to wake up the next morning naked and sore.

A few weeks later, Hatch offered the girl money and gifts if she'd come drinking with him again. After refusing him, Hatch told the girl that he'd had sex with her while she was passed out and that she'd "liked it." 

The girl was horrified, but didn't immediately go to police with her story. Instead, she told her mother, who didn't believe Hatch would do such a thing -- especially when she was so sick.

Finally, by July 2009, the girl went to police, who then questioned Hatch, who quickly admitted to assaulting the young girl.

On March 30, Hatch pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault. Last week, the 37-year-old was sentenced to 12 years in prison, of which he must serve at least 85 percent.

2. Torrie Emery
Facebook may have its share of evils, but it won't get you killed, right? Wrong...well, at least, where Torrie Emery is concerned.

The 23-year-old apparently had a thing for a guy who is now serving time in a Michigan prison. That should already tell you that Emery doesn't have the best judgement. 

Despite the fact that her man was locked up, Emery was still incredibly jealous of any other women who took a liking to him -- like 20-year-old Danielle Booth.

So, when Booth began leaving updates on her Facebook page about her inmate cutie, Emery didn't take kindly to Booth professing her love for her man. 

The two kept their cat fight confined to the Internet, until last Thursday, when Emery decided to show up at Booth's Pontiac, Michigan home and threatened her life unless she backed off. 

Booth didn't take kindly to Emery's threats and reported them to police, who contacted Emery and told her stay away. 

But that only fueled Emery's fire. 

A few hours after receiving the call, Emery jumped in her car with her 3-year-old daughter and tracked Booth down at a nearby McDonald's. 

As Booth and a friend, Ayesha Abernathy, drove off, Emery chased them, ramming her car into theirs several times.

In an attempt to get away, the girls ran a red light, only to run head on into a truck. Abernathy was killed upon impact, while Booth was taken to the hospital, where she's still in critical condition.

Police witnessed the accident and immediately took Emery away, charging her with second-degree murder, assault, and child abuse. If convicted, she faces a possible life sentence.

1. Christopher Sutton
Christopher Sutton is an ungrateful little twat.

That's why, last Wednesday, it took jurors less than 10 hours of deliberation to convict the 31-year-old ingrate of first-degree murder and attempted murder.

In 2004, Sutton hired a hitman to shoot and kill his parents inside their Coral Gables, Florida home. 

Apparently, Sutton could never forgive his parents, who adopted him and his sister, for putting him in reform school when they didn't know how to handle him when he turned out to be dealing drugs right out of their own home.

Sutton also felt entitled to his father's riches. 

For that reason, Sutton got his friend, Garrett Kopp, to agree to kill his parents in exchange for a cut of the inheritance he'd surely receive upon their death. Sutton gave Kopp the gun, showed him how to break into the house, and gave him the green light on August 22, 2004.

However, Kopp didn't finish the job. While he managed to murder Sutton's mother, he merely blinded Sutton's father before fleeing the scene.

Upon his arrest, Kopp confessed to the crime and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors by testifying against Sutton.

Sutton attempted to defend his actions by offering some sob story on the stand about how hard reform school was.

Luckily, the jurors didn't buy his tale of "woe is me." It also didn't help that his blinded father testified against him, as well as Kopp, himself.

Sutton's father was present when the jury announced that it had found him guilty on all counts. As he walked out of the courtroom, he was asked if he still considered Sutton his son. He simply said he couldn't answer that question.

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