Alicia Debolt: Missing 14-Year-Old’s Charred Body Found at Kansas Asphalt Plant



UPDATE: Police believe they’ve found the killer of Alicia Debolt. Ex-con Adam Joseph Longoria, 35, has been arrested for stealing an SUV from the asphalt plant where Alicia burned body was found. He was released from a Texas prison in May, where he did seven years for robbery. See update after the jump…

Alicia left for a party Saturday night and was supposed to return within the hour. She wouldn’t be found until three days later.

​Alicia Debolt was a cheerleader from Great Bend, Kansas who was about to
enter her freshman year of high school. She was last seen at her home
Saturday night, when she left with a 19-year-old friend to attend a
party. They were supposed to be back within the hour.

She wouldn’t be seen again until Tuesday morning, when a worker at the Venture asphalt plant, five miles outside Great Bend, arrived to find a burned body dumped behind mounds of gravel.

Police aren’t expressly saying so, but it sounds like the body was burned beyond recognition. It was identified yesterday through dental records as Alicia’s.

Detectives have been tight-lipped, but they don’t believe this was a random killing. They won’t say if the 19-year-old boy who accompanied her Saturday night is a suspect, but they seem to believe it was a friend or acquaintance who targeted Alicia.

A neighbor told the Associated Press that Alicia hung out with a lot of older kids and that she was mature for her age. That wouldn’t be unusual in small time life, where the kid population is small and they tend to congregate with people of all ages. But reading between the lines, they neighbor seemed worried by what she saw.

“I feared for her,” Dradeana Cartwright told the AP. “I did all the time. I prayed for her a lot.”

Adam Longoria is charged with stealing an SUV from the asphalt factory where Alicia’s charred body was found

UPDATE: Police have arrested Adam Longoria as a person of interest in Alicia’s killing.

So far, the 35-year-old douchebag has only been charged with theft and burglary. But since he stole a truck that went missing from the asphalt plant the night before Alicia’s body was found, there’s a good chance that he’s the shitbag who killed the little girl.

Longoria had only been out of prison for three months at the time of his arrest. He’d just completed a 7-year sentence in Texas for robbery. Though his criminal history dates back to 1991, he doesn’t have a previous record of violence against women or children. His past busts involve crimes like auto theft, forgery, burglary and escape from prison.

It’s unknown how he arrived in Kansas, or if he had any previous relationship with Alicia or the asphalt plant where she was found.

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