Anna Ogrodny, Maid of Honor, Kills Man at Wedding Reception, Then Flees



​Zbigniew “Ziggy” Mak and his wife Anna spent the evening at the wedding of a former co-worker’s son in Palos Hills, Illinois. They were leaving the Belvedere Chateau that evening and heading toward the parking lot when they were hit by a BMW SUV…

The truck, driven by the maid of honor, 24-year-old Anna Ogrodny, slammed into Ziggy, his wife, and another person, pinning Ziggy underneath. According to the Southtown Star, it would take 15 men to lift the SUV off of him. But by then it was too late. Ziggy died at 3:15 a.m.

Yet Ogrodny wasn’t about to wait around to see if he was okay. As other guests worked desperately to free the dying man, the maid of honor fled on foot.

“She was gone when we got there,” Deputy Police Chief James Boie told the Star. “Nobody tried to stop her, I guess. I
don’t know, they were more worried about the victims. This
was a mess. When we got there it was quite a scene.”

But it wasn’t like Ogrodny was an unknown assailant. By Monday, she’d turned herself into police. She’s now charged with leaving the scene of an
accident involving death and two counts of leaving the scene of a
personal injury accident.

Ziggy’s wife Anna is still in the hospital with a broken hip and leg. The third person hit got away with only minor injuries. (Special thanks to reader Chongo for the tip.)

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