Anthony Bertolone, Moron of the Day: Drugged & Raped Fellow Frat Brother at Drake University



​They were both members of the Sigma Chi frat at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. But little did one student know that fellow frat brother Anthony Bertolone was a degenerate. The student was vacationing with Bertolone’s family in the Ozarks…

He was using Bertolone’s laptop when he found some sexually explicit videos. But he soon realized, to his horror, that he was watching himself, obviously unconscious, being sexually attacked by his supposed friend. So he downloaded them to his cell phone and called the cops.

Police now believe that Bertolone had been going perv on his friend since last September. The victim is presumed to have been rendered incoherent, possibly by a date rape drug. Then Bertolone would film himself raping his friend. The victim has no recollection of the assaults, and says the two students weren’t sexually involved or romantic in any way.

Since Bertolone courteously taped the evidence for detectives, he’s now been charged with third-degree sexual abuse, and Sigma Chi has booted him from the frat for revealing its secret homoerotic agenda. If the videos would have involved an incapacitated woman, we’re guessing they would have made Bertolone president for life.

UPDATE: Bertolone won’t be charged for his latest round of blow jobbery.

This is a rather weird update, so make of it what you will. Des Moines Police say they won’t be charging Bertolone for his second round of homoerotic fun because the victim never told him to stop.

According to police, the latest round of molestation lasted two hours. Over that time, the student on the receiving end never told him to stop, kicked his ass, or did anything to suggest it wasn’t consensual. And since it lasted two hours, with his girlfriend sleeping beside him, it makes it strange that he even reported the incident to the cops. The only explanation would seem to be buyer’s remorse.

“This occurred over quite a long period of time and that the alleged
victim never asked the suspect to stop and there was no indication that
it was forced or there was fear or drug involvement or anything like
that,” Sergeant Jeff Edwards told WHO-TV.

See update: Anthony Bertolone, Alleged Frat Boy Rapist, Charged Again for Trying to Give Student Blow Job.