Brianna Broitzman & Ashton Larson Sexually Abused Nursing Home Residents With Dementia



​They weren’t the swarthy perverts you’d expect them to be. They were the pretty girls, six high school friends from the farming hub of Albert Lea, Minnesota, who’d all found jobs at the Good Samaritan nursing home caring for patients with dementia…

Ashton Larson stuck her finger up a resident’s ass and would laugh at dementia patients to make them angry

​While nursing home work can be a painful experience in witnessing the final throes of life, the six girls were bored with the job. So they decided to liven it up by sexually abusing the patients.

Brianna Broitzman admitted to police that she poked one patient in the breast. But her friends say she also spit in a resident’s mouth, jabbed the boobs of other patients, and stuck her bare butt in a patient’s face.

Ashton Larson confessed that she’d stuck her finger up a patient’s rectum. She would also get in bed with them and make humping motions, pat them on the butt and taunt them into getting angry by laughing at them.

When the abuse first surfaced in 2008, the girls admitted they taunted and abused the residents in an attempt to make their work “fun.” All told, they’re believed to have abused 15 patients. But the cops didn’t think abusing people with dementia was fun; they merely thought it made you a sick little fuck. So the girls were hit with a slew of charges, ranging from assault to abuse of a vulnerable adult with sexual contact.

Broitzman has taken an Alford plea, which basically means she admits she’d get drilled in court, but doesn’t want to confess to being a degenerate. She’ll be sentenced in October, but is expected to get less than a year in prison. Larson heads to trial next month. 

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