Christine Hubbs, ‘The Hummer Mom,’ Seduced Her 14-Year-Old Daughter’s Boyfriend



Hubbs, a 42-year-old mother from Livermore, California, seemed to have everything. She’d been married for 20 years to a wealthy dentist. She was known as the mom who hosted barbecues for her children’s sports teams…

Christine Hubbs’ sexual encounters began in 2008, when she seduced her daughter’s boyfriend with money and gifts

​She had a lot of friends in her Mormon church, and she flaunted her wealth by driving around town in a Hummer with personalized license plates that read “HUMDNGA.” But it also seems she was a pedophile.

According to police, her predatory ways began in 2008 when she seduced a 14-year-old boy her daughter was dating. She sent him sexual texts and plied him with cash, gifts, and cell phones.

At some point, she also seduced a second 14-year-old boy. She would take the kids to hotels for sex, or sometimes she would bed them in the back of her notable black Hummer.

In fact, she so liked the company of young boys that she recently bought them pellet and water guns, then drove around Livermore at speeds up to 80 mph, allowing a group of kids ages 9-14 to shoot at innocent bystanders from the windows.

The sexual encounters lasted from December of 2008 until July 27, when one boy’s mom found a nude photo of Hubbs on her son’s cell phone. She called the cops, and now the affluent mom is no longer hosting barbecues.

The mother of three is charged with a whopping 67 felonies, including
unlawful sex with a minor and exhibition of lewd material to a minor. And the judge doesn’t seem to be dismissing it as strange but innocent
cougar activity. Her bail as been set at a monster $4.3 million.

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