Dennis Hobbs, Religious Nut, Arrested for Stalking His Daughter; Didn’t Like Her Boyfriend



​Dennis Hobbs is what you might call a controlling father. When his daughter was 18, he put deadbolts on their St. Petersburg home so she couldn’t leave, and he wouldn’t provide her with a key. The girl says her father is extremely religious, and thought her behavior violated his beliefs..

Though we don’t know exactly what religion he is, judging by his looks he’s probably a GODDAMNED MUSLIM! Okay, he’s probably not a Muslim, but we were inspired by the debate going on here to talk out of our ass.

Anyway, the girl decided it would be much better to live in a woman’s shelter than at home with her parents, which says a lot about how creepy her home life was. She also took up with a man that her dad didn’t approve of and got a restraining order against him, barring Hobbs from coming near her.

But that didn’t stop the creepy Mr. Hobbs from stalking his own daughter. He hired a private detective to trail her. He also sent her ominous emails. “I love
you, but there is no loving way to do what I must,” read one.

Then police were notified of a man driving suspiciously slow around the women’s shelter. They pulled over the car, only to find Dennis Hobbs. In his possession were a gun, a video camera, a wig and a notebook detailing his daughter’s movements. He was wearing all black, and his face was painted black.

Either the 59-year-old Hobbs was playing secret agent, or he was bent on doing some serious harm to his little girl.

When he was arrested, he told police, “You just signed her death certificate.”

He’s been busted for stalking, and his lawyer has produced one of most shamelessly funny defense lines in the esteemed history of lawyer bullshit. “This is one of those situations that looks odd out of
context, but there is a reasonable explanation,” barrister Kym Rivellini told Bay News 9.

Yes, Kym, please tell us the reasonable explanation for a grown man playing dress up like a 1960s spy with a gun outside a women’s shelter. We’re all dying to here how it’s being taken out of context.

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