Justine Winter, Moron of the Day: Sues the Estate of the Mom & Son She Killed



​Text messages show that Justine Winter, then 16, was fighting with her boyfriend on March 19 of last year. Those texts also indicate she was threatening suicide as she drove on I-93 between Whitefish and Kalispell, Montana. Unfortunately, this wasn’t simply idle drama…

Justine actually decided to go through with it — in the most selfish way possible.

According to police, she drove head on into a car traveling the other direction at 85 mph. Riding in that other car were Erin Julie Thompson, who was four months pregnant, and her 13-year-old son
Caden Vincent Odell. The Thompsons were traveling at just 30 mph.

Detectives later discovered that Justine didn’t hit the brakes until one second before impact caused her air bag to deploy, according to the Daily Inter Lake. Caden, Erin and her unborn baby were all killed in the collision.

But Justine survived. Prosecutors believe she intentionally drove into the Thompsons, and a judge has ruled that she’ll be tried as an adult for the killings, for which she faces 10 years to life in prison.

It’s bad enough that you’d want to kill yourself by taking an innocent family out with you. But now Justine and her father, Randy Winter, are actually suing Erin Thompson’s estate. The ingrates claim Erin was negligently operating her car as she returned home from a middle school choral concert that night.

Never mind that Erin was only going 30 and staying in her lane. And never mind that Justine was going 85 and crossed into Erin’s lane. It has to be Erin’s fault because… well… just because. Also being sued are three companies responsible for construction and upkeep of the stretch of road.

While we have a ton of fury to unleash on anyone who sues someone they actually killed, we’re sure that you, dear reader, can more poetically deliver that in the comments section below. (Special thanks to reader Moe for the tip.)

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