Michael Gallegos Sodomized Fellow Football Players in High School Hazing Ritual



​I’ve never understood the homoerotic hazing of supposedly straight frats and sports teams, so maybe you can explain this to me, dearest reader. In 2008, the Las Vegas Robertson High School football team, a New Mexico powerhouse, was away at its preseason camp…

It seems the team has an annual hazing ritual where the upperclassmen generally harass the underclassmen, which always seemed stupid to me. Why would you want to torment your fellow players?

But this time it got way out of hand. Some of the younger kids had been trash-talking star player Michael Gallegos about his girlfriend. So Gallegos decided to take revenge. Along with five other older boys, he attacked the smaller kids over a two-day period. Two of the smaller kids were actually sodomized with a broomstick.

Yesterday, Gallegos was the last of the six attackers to be sentenced. Before the judge ruled, Gallegos testified that his life had gone to shit since the incident. He was kicked out of school and his family was forced to move from their home in Las Vegas, Nevada. The family had been shunned and he didn’t have any friends to testify on his behalf.

But considering he pleaded to multiple counts of criminal penetration and conspiracy, he got off pretty lightly. Though he didn’t get any credit for the time he spent on house arrest since the incident, he will now have to spend just two years in the state juvenile system. That’s an awfully light sentence for a conviction on gang rape.