Steven Skar, Pervert Realtor, Left Sex Mess & Credit Card Bills While Clients Vacationed



‚ÄčLutheran minister Sarah Bunge and her husband, lawyer Adam Bunge, decided to head to London on vacation, leaving their home up for sale in the care of Coldwell Banker Burnet realtor Steven Skar. This, as they would soon learn, was not a good idea…

While the couple was in Europe, neighbors thought there was something weird going on at their Maple Grove, Minnesota home, so they emailed the Bunges, who in turn asked them to check it out.

The neighbor knocked on the door, only to be greeted by Skar, who said he was cleaning the home for an open house the next day. Skar was later seen leaving the home with another man.

But the neighbor still thought something was weird. When he entered the home, there were stains on the sofa, chairs, tables, and rugs. The bedsheets were also soiled and towels were tossed about the bathroom. It seems Skar and his lover had engaged in a roaming sexual adventure, soiling pretty much every surface in the joint. Someone had also used the Bunges computer to run up $1,300 on their American Express card.

The neighbor called a boss at Coldwell, who arrived to find the home “gross, nasty.” Coldwell agreed that Skar had engaged in “unauthorized sexual escapades,” according to a legal petition, and paid $7,482 to hire cleaners, change the locks, and replace the stuff that Skar had grossed up.

Skar was also fired. But that wasn’t enough for the Bunges.

While Mrs. Bunge, a preacher, likely knows a bit about forgiveness, her husband’s a lawyer, whose idea of forgiveness is sending menacing little paperwork demanding money counted by numerous digits. He’s sued Coldwell, claiming his house is permanently grossed out so bad they can’t live there anymore. (Special thanks to St. Paul Bureau Chief Lorie for the tip.)

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