Tiffiny Bray, Engaged to Be Married, Fakes Kidnapping & Flees with Another Man



​Tiffiny Bray was engaged to be married. But that didn’t stop the Fletcher, Oklahoma woman from deciding she’d have one last fling with another man. On July 20, she borrowed the truck of her fiance, Chad McGuire, to go shopping in Lawton, Oklahoma, but she never returned…

Oklahoma police put on a full-court search for Tiffany, only to find her skanking it in a Texas hotel room

​Chad reported her missing. Then, two days later, he received a text from the 39-year-old Tiffany telling him she was being held against her will in Lawton.

Police naturally launched a full-scale search that even included billboards featuring her photo. In the meantime, Chad took a polygraph to illustrate his innocence. But that didn’t stop some of Tiffany’s relatives from assuming that he was the dirt bag responsible for her disappearance.

The search would last a month, with detectives traveling throughout the state and venturing into Texas in hopes of finding the woman who was thought to be in harm’s way. But the mystery would end last Friday when Tiffany was found in a Corpus Christi, Texas hotel room — with another man.

Let’s just say police aren’t altogether happy with the final outcome. They’re pleased that Tiffany’s been found safe, but they’re rather pissed that they spent a month in chivalrous pursuit of a fictitious bad guy, only to discovered that it was merely a crime of skankdom.

Tiffany’s now been charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle and obstructing officers. But the cops also plan to seek restitution for the tens of thousands of man-hours they spent working the case.

As for Chad, he’s decided that nuptials are best saved for a less whorific partner. “I’m glad she wasn’t hurt,” he told News9-TV. “But I
don’t think I’ll ever talk to her again because of what she put my
family through.”

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