Tyler Thomas, Moron of the Day: Oregon State Football Player Found Naked in Woman’s Home



​Tyler Patrick Thomas, an offensive lineman for the Oregon State football team, decided that Sunday was a good day to get way, way hammered. And since he’s only 19, he decided it would also be a good idea to get naked and break into a woman’s home…

The woman called police at 5 a.m. to report that a naked man was in her house smashing a computer. When police responded, they found Montana native drunk and sporting what’s believed to be America’s only remaining mullet outside the South.

They ordered him to get on the ground. But instead of obeying, Thomas got into this three-point football stance and prepared to charge the officers. Little did he know that cops, unlike his foes in the Pac-10, are armed with tasers instead of weight-room muscles.

Both officers unleashed their tasers at the same time. It’s believed that at that very moment, Thomas suddenly realized that it wasn’t so fun being drunk and naked any more.

Corvallis police have charged him with mischief, trespassing, and resisting arrest. He’s also been kicked off the football team.

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