Victor A. Smith’s Drunken Joy Ride Kills Two Buddies



​A Sunday drive on Maryland’s Eastern Shore smacks of the good life. Settled into your Sebring convertible, the waves of the Chesapeake Bay lap the shoreline. You nurse the pedal traveling easily along a tree-studded highway as the clunky flight of a squawking blue heron entertains overhead…

Victor Alehondro Smith is a big fan of the Sunday drive — except he likes to do it his own way.

Last Saturday night and into Sunday morning, Smith, 41, and buddies Reginald Dean, 35, and Teshawn Parker, 33, spent their time at a fishing pier on Kent Island, catching small, non-tasty fish and consuming substantial volumes of booze. 

By the time the sun had come up that morning, the boys were tapped out. They reeled in their lines and took the last pulls of liquid. The threesome then climbed into Smith’s 1988 BMW.
At a little past eight that morning, the Sunday drive met Smith’s full asshole mode. He hit the gas. But he didn’t just give the import a little juice; he punched it hard.
Traveling north on a two-lane state highway, Smith was doing triple digits — in a 40 mile per hour zone — when he came around a bend he soon realized he could not make. He jerked the steering wheel in the other direction. He then jerked the wheel back to compensate for his initial drunken-soaked over-compensation.
Agnes Phelps, 46, was driving south on the road and saw the Smith’s out-of-control bullet coming at her. She pulled onto the shoulder, trying to get as far away from the oncoming car as possible.
It didn’t matter.
Smith’s BMW spun, crossing the center line and crashing right into Phelp’s 2008 Ford Mustang. The violent impact sent both cars careening into the ditch. 
Phelps survived the crash, as did Smith — although he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. They were both taken by helicopter to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore.
Smith’s buddies did not fare so well.
Dean, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, was shot some 70 feet into the air, eventually landing in a tree. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
Parker was also partially ejected from the car, but he too was dead when emergency responders arrived.
When given a blood test sometime after the crash, Smith registered at more than twice the legal limit, which in Maryland is .08.
Maryland State Police officials are still investigating the mindless accident and charges against Smith are sure to follow.

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